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Wildlife Zoo 2.0

With Wildlife Zoo users can create exhibits for zoo visitors, and research labs
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With Wildlife Zoo users can create exhibits for virtual zoo visitors, and research labs where they can breed exotic animal and plant species. Realistic animal development from birth to aging takes place in the zoo, and users experience animal behavior and social activity depending on how well the animals are taken care of.

Water features and plant simulation in 3D - all such things add to the virtual experience of the program. Players will travel to over 20 places to rescue endangered species and find exhibits for created zoos; in order to succeed in the creation of their zoos with Wildlife Zoo, users will manage and have control of landscape architects, gardeners and zoo keepers as well as vets and scientists. Also, a visitor mode is featured enabling creators to drive or walk around their virtual zoos to look around and see what needs working on. Careful management is the key to the success for each zoo, resulting in new births and happy visitors. Food can be grown for animals, and realistic virtual weather providing rain for plants and snow in winter is featured. The first 3 missions are tutorials to get zoo creators off the ground and a built-in encyclopedia for reference regarding plants and animals is included.

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